i am applying to school and need 3 statements as attached and resume, business and finance homework help

i am applying to school and need 3 statements as attached and resume. the field that i need the resume in is as a customer service and logistics manager company name WDW Services llc. started in 1999 and moved up from customer service rep on the phones to running the whole facility. need to show progression throughout the years of the growth can be fabricated also any certificates that a person would receive from doing this work also should be included do not make it over blown so its not believable. Resume
The resume should include at least 15 years of professional work experience with progression in your career and identify management experience. Include any promotions, awards or contributions you have made in your professional positions. Please make sure the resume is up-to-date, has a professional easy-to-read appearance and has been checked for spelling errors.

that is the resume part then attached this form has to be filled out but i would accept it in word document in case i have to edit it must be very good writing skilled.

you must look up flex path learning to answer the questions i ahve attached information from the school to do this . also include that i went to aiu online and graduated 02/12/2017 with my BA my gpa was low because of my own doing not because i could not learn the material it was being stuck on specific times to do assignments. also i am 45 years old all of these things must be included

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