‘I really can’t decide whether it is worth moving from our current location. The lease still has… 1 answer below »

‘I really can’t decide whether it is worth moving from our current location. The lease still has many years to run, so staying where we are is a very real option. The last site that the agents offered us was better than the one we are in at the moment, but not so much better that it was worth the disruption of moving. Yet business is good at the moment and is likely to get better next year, although we’re entering a quiet period for the next few months. I am told that we have to decide on this new offer within the next two weeks. It is certainly a better area and has more car parking, but the main attraction is that its surrounding area is far less likely to be developed as part of the city’s new sports complex.

So the risk of us finding ourselves in the middle of construction projects for the next few years is lower. Table 6.9 gives an idea of how I see our current location, together with the previous offer that we turned down and this one. Of course, we could just wait until a better offer comes along, but you never know when that will be. As regards the various criteria, I guess it is the risk of development and the things that will affect customer services such as convenience for customers and expansion potential that are the most important. But I’m still not sure what we should do.’

Table 6.9 Notes on the current location, previous site possibility and new site

Current location

Previous offer

This offer

Disruption of the move


Very high


Convenience for customers



Very good

Image of location




Expansion potential




Development risk




Extra information

Would be OK at the moment but not later

More car parking

Better area

Business is good and going to get better

Sports complex

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