Identify the essential elements of a social enterprise.

Social Enterprise Project: Company Adobe

Answer and follow all the objectives and instructions :

– All research sources are included, and all sources are valid and robust; well-documented and sound reasoning is expected.

– The requested aspects of the Social Enterprise Project have been included and described in sufficient detail.

– Information organized intelligently and holistically as a complete report (i.e., not simply answers to questions). Papers must include a proper introduction, conclusion and be supported by sound body.

– Document is referenced properly including citations and reference page, and proper title page.


Barringer, B. R., & Ireland, R. D. (2015). Entrepreneurship: Successfully launching new ventures (5th ed.). Don Mills, Ontario: Pearson Education.


  • Identify the essential elements of a social enterprise.
  • Contrast a social enterprise from a business enterprise.
  • Describe how a social enterprise reinvests surpluses into its social objectives.
  • Explain the differences between corporate social responsibility and operating a social enterprise.


A core component of this course is a complete understanding of a Social Enterprise.

  1. Define what makes an enterprise a social enterprise. Support your view with appropriate references from the textbook and at least one additional academic source.
  2. Identify why you think this organization  is a Social Enterprise : “Adobe”
  3. You will need to show that you understand what a Social Enterprise is and based upon this determine if the organization “Adobe”  is in fact a true Social Enterprise.  
  4. Write a paper (4-pages) showing your understanding of a Social Enterprise while making a case for the organization “Adobe”.
  5. Please ensure that you have a well written Executive Summary, a description of the Social Enterprise that you are evaluating, and an analysis of how the Social Enterprise aligns with your definition.

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