identify the sociological perspective


First identify the sociological perspective (i.e. Functionalist Theory; Conflict Theory; Symbolic Interactionist Theory) that would best support the author’s thesis: that the paradox of poverty in a wealthy America is because of “how we as society have tended to conceptualize the issue of poverty and based upon this thinking how we have acted (or better put, failed to act) toward the issue” (Rank 2011).  Notes: First select the theory. Then give a brief (1-2 sentences) background of it/founder(s). Finally explain (a) how this theory would view the author’s thesis, and (b) why this is the best theory to use in this context.
  • The author suggests the need for three shifts (i.e., Individual; Structural; Moral) in how Americans think about poverty. Next, sociologically analyze (2)  the strengths and weaknesses of each shift separately. Notes: to sociologically analyze means to objectively examine an idea in detail, discussing its essential elements so as to identify causes, key factors, and possible results
  • Finally, as a responsible member of a democratic, civil society, use your critical thinking and analytical skills to present a specific program or policy that should be implemented to resolve and/or manage the issue of American poverty. Be specific regarding the role(s) of the suggested policy in mitigating the issue. Students are encouraged to support their argument with direct textual evidence and sociological insights (applicable terms and concepts learned over your semester of study).

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