?Imagine you have been engaged by a technology company to develop a report… 1 answer below »

Imagine you have been engaged by a technology company to develop a report on key aspects of project risk management. Please chose a company in the technology sector (based anywhere in the world) and write a report to address the below areas. The report should begin with a short executive summary and conclude with several, short general recommendations. The content you include in the report should link the project management principles detailed above with the practices of the technology company you have chosen.
The topics on which students need to make recommendations in their report include: Project selection – How should the company you select determine what projects to undertake and what ones to avoid? What tools, measures, and practices are available to project analysts in this industry? Cost management – What is the role of project cost management for your chosen company? Why is it important? What strategies or approaches should the company you have chosen adopt in order to effectively manage project costs? Funding – What funding measures or options are generally available to assist companies like the one you have chosen to fund proposed new projects? The report should include reference to any implications associated with different funding types or models. Implementation and winding up – Are there any particular issues associated with commencing a project that your company must consider? Why are they important? Who do they impact or affect? What happens when the project finishes? How are projects wound up? Do they just end or are there resource or infrastructure considerations? Are there environmental issues associated with the end of a project? Where possible, students should relate each section back to the company they have chosen. The executive summary should bring together general recommendations for the student’s chosen company relating to i)-iv).
Students should provide between 200-400 words per topic, together with approximately 300 words in total for the executive summary and final recommendations.

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