Important note: In place of final exam there will be a ‘project appraisal’ (individual) report…

BUSM4610: Business Project Management
Assessment # 3 (Individual)
Total weight: 30%
Important note: In place of final exam there will be a ‘project appraisal’ (individual) report based on a completed project. Please note that as it will be equivalent to a final exam, we will not give you any formative feedback like the group assignment, nor will we provide results of this assignment on Canvas. You will receive the final total score from RMIT, NOT from the course coordinator.
Each individual student will work on a supplied project (Blue Spider (BS) Project) and will answer specific questions and submit the project appraisal report. The project appraisal report is an opportunity for post-graduate students to demonstrate what they have learned during the semester on project management.
You should discuss each question logically by using references from academic journals and books. The purpose of project management is to achieve a successful project. Some of the answers are matters of opinion and you will need to study literature for ways to approach them. To support your answer, you can take help from project management books, PMBOK, peer reviewed journal articles and authenticated sources.
This assignment must be delivered in a report format containing: Title page Executive summary – overview of the purpose of the project and report, analysis, findings and recommendations Table of content Introduction – purpose of the report, a brief introduction to the project, and the structure of the report. Body – Identify project issues in the light of questions asked and discuss the situation by referring to relevant project management knowledge area by use of high quality and relevant references. Conclusion – Answer the question # 8 of the case Reference list – RMIT Business format for referencing shall be followed. (Harvard style) Appendices (if any) Word limit: 3000+10% words (excluding references, title page, table of contents)
N.B. Students are advised to work on a question of the case study and show the work to tutor during the week 12 tutorial session to obtain a quick feedback on their work.
Assignment submission due date:
Final copy of report (softcopy) is due by 11:59PM (Melbourne time), on 10/06/2019
Report submission:
Step 1- Turnitin submission: Students will upload the soft copy of the project to Turnitin – assignment-3 Turnitin submission
Step 2- Submission for marks/grade: Submit individual report through assignment-3 submission folder of Canvas (specific to your class). You will see your Tutor’s name is available on the folder
Case study: ‘Blue Spider (BS) Project’
Total marks: 30
Length: Word limit 3000+10% words (excluding references, title page, table of contents)
The report will be evaluated based on the following outline: Executive summary (brief): Clearly outlines the objective of the project, justification to start the BS project, findings/lesson learned and recommendations. (2.5 marks) Introduction (brief): It clearly demonstrates project brief, the purpose of the report, key terms/issues you are going to discuss and the report structure. (2.5 marks) Project Appraisal/Body: (Answer the following questions) 20 marks (=2.5×8) Questions: Was the project scope defined clearly at early stage of the project? Identify one major scope creep and discuss the impacts of scope change on project performance/stakeholders. (2.5 marks) Is the decision to start BS project a strategically sound decision? Give reasons for your opinion. (2.5 marks) Why is early involvement of stakeholders so critical in a project? Who are the key stakeholders in the project and briefly identify two major stakeholder’s power and interests in the project? (2.5 marks) Was Gary qualified to be a project manager- rationale your answer? (2.5 marks) Discuss- how did the BS project handle major risks? What might they have done? (2.5 marks) Should functional employees of the customer and contractor be permitted to communicate with one-another without going through the project office? Justify the selection of type of project organization form in BS project. (2.5 marks) Critically reflect on teamwork (of project management team) in your group project (in assignment 2) and compare it with the teamwork (of project management team) in the BS project. (2.5 marks) Briefly discuss what lessons have you learnt from BS project and from your group project? (Answer to this question can be considered as conclusion of your report) (2.5 marks) Others: Overall presentation (all topics are clearly explained, easy to follow/clarity of language, coverage and completeness, page numbers, table of contents), use of references and citation, conciseness: 5 marks

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