In order to improve the customer reach and popularity of the product lines and demand, numerous… 1 answer below »

• Abstract and Acknowledgement – out of word count • introduction – 800 words • Literature review – 2500 words • Methodology – 2500 words • Results, analysis and discussion – 3500words • Conclusion and recommendations – 700 words • Reference , Appendix, Grant chat – out of word count The same three chapters (with an expanded version to reach your word count along with the modifications) that you included for your proposal should be inspired as the first three chapters in your dissertation too. However, you will have to increase the depth of the discussions in order to increase the word count, probably in literature review and methodology chapters. However you have to think about plagiarisms while keep in place. And your total dissertation will be more than 10,000 as you have added some from proposal b . As you must be already aware, your dissertation is developed based on the plan that you have outlined in your research proposal. Within it you need to cover the following sections and requirements; 1. First page design : first page should be looks like wow , please implement wow factor. 2. Acknowledgement 3. Nice and clear table of contain } Abstract • Is the summary of the research paper • Is the abstract adequate? • What is the purpose of the research? • What are its benefits and implications? • What methodology was used? (sample size, data analysis methods and tools) • What are the results? The abstract should not be a mere a summary what includes the chapters included, instead it should summarise the points such as: • Purpose of the research • Methodology used in the research • Findings of the research • Conclusions and recommendations } Introduction (10%) Is there a clear purpose and rationale for the study? Are there clear set of objectives and research questions? Background This informs the reader of the problem or the situation, and the context you are interested in. Rationale for the study • What is the research issue? • Why is it an issue? • Why is it an issue now? • What could this research shed light on? – (benefits/ implications of the study)
In order to improve the customer reach and popularity of the product lines and demand, numerous global beverage brands are implementing social media marketing.As mentioned by Ayanwale et al. (2005) that social media enhances the inner trust and reliability of the customers towards the brand. Due to this regard, the researcher tried to evaluate the effectiveness of social media marketing over the sales and market share for the organization. Along with this, the researcher also discussed the importance of social media marketing over traditional means in this age of extreme competition and bargaining rivalry (Bennett, 2007). However, the social media promotions are not often considered to be a dependable source as several customers’ considers the reviews and suggestions to be exaggerating and fake. The market reach of Coca-Cola might be checked as not all customers frequent their access to the social media. Nevertheless, considering the faster reach and quicker access of social media, the study will consider its impact on earning market share for Coca-Cola, UK.

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