​Informative Speech Assignment (About Any work is fine )

Informative Speech Assignment & Guidelines

Prepare and deliver a 5-7 minute informative speech. This informative presentation topic is restricted to something applicable to your work life (job that you applied for). You should spend time researching something of interest with a dual purpose in mind: it should be interesting to you, but also the class as well.

A minimum of three (3) different outside sources must be used for this speech.

You are required to incorporate one (1) visual aid into the presentation (one is the minimum, you may use more if needed). Note cards are allowed for this speech, but reading from your cards will result in a failing grade.

Please include a bibliography on a separate page using correct MLA style. (see below)

Good Speeches:

  • Provide the audience with information that they DID NOT know before.
  • Have a strong introduction, conclusion, and an effectively organized body.
  • Are adequately researched with information coming from a credible source.
  • Incorporate a visual aid that enhances the understanding of the speaker’s topic.
  • Are not completely memorized, but practices an extemporaneous style of speaking
  • Have been practiced so that the speaker is not stumbling, stopping & starting etc.
  • Incorporate appropriate hand gestures and body movement, including an effective use of space.
  • In order to be effective as an informative speaker you’ll need to:

    1) find a topic that is unique, new, and compelling;

    2) gather strong supporting material (research);

    3) organize and practice your speech.

    GRADING CONSIDERATIONS: Appropriate narrowed topic, clear organization, variety of supporting materials, use of details, and attention grabbing introduction and conclusion that leaves an impact. I expect you to be confident in your topic, make strong eye contact with the entire audience, speak fluently, and show interest and enthusiasm. Students will need to submit a full sentence outline that includes a minimum of three references (bibliography using correct MLA style) via Blackboard on the day of your presentation.

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