Why is insurance needed in estate and gift plans

5 Pages Insurance Paper Due Wednesday 10am PST

   I need an Essay to be done on the use of and taxation of life insurance products for gift and estate tax planning

Number of Pages: 5 Pages

Academic Level: College

Paper Format: APA

More info:The essay is about the use of Insurance products in USA estate and Gift Planning.

1. Why is insurance needed in estate and gift plans
2. What are the different types of insurance products available
3. Who should own the insurance e.g. a person or trust
4 the tax consequences especially when the policy is take out, when the premiums are paid and on death or gift

Estate Planning for Life Insurance. Certainly any discussion of life insurance would start with the role it can play in estate planning and when it is or is not included in a decedent’s gross estate. Life insurance trusts (ILITs, irrevocable life insurance trusts) would also be a major part of the paper, including issues relating to funding of the ILIT..

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