interpersonal communication

Throughout this class, we will encounter a broad variety of concepts related to organizations and sports. So instead of having one large paper assignment, I feel it would be more beneficial to assign two paper assignments.  One benefit of this approach is that it will allow you to focus in specifically on aspects of this class that are of interest to you and your interests. 

Here are some key assignment details:

  • Each paper is worth 15% of your overall grade (2 papers = 30% of grade).
  • Each paper should be approximately 1,500 words in length, which equals about 6 pages of writing in APA style. Please note this does not include references and cover pages.
  • APA writing style is expected for each paper, including:
    • Formatting: Use of a title page, headers with page numbers, double-spacing, 12 point standard font like Times New Roman, 1” margins, correctly cites sources on separate citations page
    • Language: Using past tense in citing research, avoiding slang in general
    • Please refer to documentation I’ll provide under the “Papers” link on the Blackboard site
    • Please note an abstract is not needed, as this is just a short review
  • At least 4 scholarly sources must be used in each paper (journal articles, scholarly books). I expect that you will also use sources that are non-scholarly in nature (organizational websites, news articles, etc.) as needed. But these sources do not make up for a lack of academic research in your paper. 
  • As a general policy, I am happy to look over a draft of your paper if received 2 days in advance of the due date.
  • Please use the Turnitin link below (Box that asks you to “Load Paper in New Window”) with this assignment to submit your work

Topic selection and research:

  • These papers are not to be an overview of a broad area of study.
    • For example, a paper that is titled “Leadership” and simply focuses on a massive concept like leadership would not be well received.
    • While you may be interested in leadership, I am expecting a much more focused paper.
    • So to follow through with this example, that same student may have a strong interest in a specific type of leadership (lets say transformational leadership from Ch. 1). Further, they are interested in becoming an athletic director as a career goal.
    • A much more suitable and effective title and focus would then be something along the lines of “transactional leadership and athletic directors”. The student is then able to do a focused keyword search and find specific things that relate to the topic at hand.
    • Overall, the papers should answer the basic question: “How do research and other sources of information inform us about this well-defined topic?”

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