Interview a person and write a paper about his or her experience

Expatriate or Repatriate Interview (total 100 points): You will find and interview either an expatriate or repatriate business person who has worked overseas. Their nationality is not important, but it is important that they have lived and worked in a country other than their own for at least a year. If you don’t know anyone who has worked abroad, ask your classmates for referrals. The purpose of the assignment is to prepare you for the session on expatriates by providing you with personal exposure to expatriate and repatriate issues. Take good notes on their answers so that you can report what they said in class and write a 3 page paper on what you learned. So write some important questions in the paper with their answers too I mean some question from the interview

make sure to make it easy to understand and low level of vocabularies

before you start and I need to know what are you going to talk about ?

If you need any question let me know

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