Introduction Advertising, IMC and mass communication are some of the proven methods for achieving…


Advertising, IMC and mass communication are some of the proven methods for achieving maximum results for demonstrating a product for sale. Whether it is movies, FMCGs, industrial electronics or automobiles. General Motors, Procter & Gamble and AOL spend $2 billion dollar on advertising. McDonald’s spends $1.3 billion per year on advertising. Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and MGM also spend billions of dollars for advertising of cartoons and movies. In a survey of marketing professionals, it was identified that, media advertising (26 per cent) public relations (25 percent) product placement (13 per cent) opined that these are the worst tools of providing return on investment.

Consequent to these opinions, there emerged Integrated brand promotion (IBP) which includes direct marketing, sales promotions and coupons are some of the tools which maximize return on investment. In spite of all these facts, advertising still continues to be dominant by spending billions of dollars in the media which draws an acceptable fact that advertising is influencing which IBP cannot do for deriving ROI. “Integrated Management Communication (IMC) is a process of using promotional tools in a unified way so that a synergistic communication effect is created “ (Thomas C.O,Guinn, p.38)

Whereas practice of advertising ethics in the words of Chris moore, Ogilvy and Mather

“80% of American companies have a written code of ethics and probably 100% of you do too, if you gave it some thought and wrote it down. Ethics happen, or don’t in our relationships with others. Advertisers are in the business of communicating with thousands, even millions of others’ all the time. That gives us thousands or millions of chances to practice what we believe everyday. And try to get it right.”

Research question

People continue to use television, mobiles, radio, internet, magazines and newspapers for both domestic and work purposes which gives a clear indication that advertising and communication have speed up the activities of business whether it is in mobiles, electronics or automobiles or FMCGs.

H.J.Heinz Company which manufactures green chilli sauce, red chilli sauce, paprika and soya sauce has designed its own guidelines for consumer education, public relations, marketing communications and advertising. The company has also its own set of general principles in terms of advertising and communication. In Darden school of business, there is a team of seven professionals who possess vast experience in communications and marketing. The impart of education has passed several stages reaching the acme of perfection and innovation.

With the above discussion, it cannot be concluded that tech-savvy days have made the role of advertising and communications saturated. There is still scope for research whereas one definite research question that arises in the minds of companies which is that media that catches the eye of consumer in advertising that sells products faster, quicker and helps in better target achievement ?.

With the availability of world wide web, advertising, marketing and selling have become much easier for companies. Another advantage is Internet advertising is proving cost effective for companies as it is tapping millions of customers who are shopping online. sells flowers, gift articles online and delivers the articles and flowers on time all over the world. There are such other multinational companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Intel and HP who with the advantage of Internet advertising and marketing have made business a great success by supplying computers, accessories and printers.

Research question and explanation

Which is that media that catches the eye of consumer in advertising that sells products faster, quicker and helps in better target achievement ?.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) has gained excessive prominence as a new paradigm which states some of the facts that television is no longer holds good view for marketing whereas database is considered as powerful tool for marketing. Old concepts, strategies and single selling messages are considered to be invalid by companies with the changing tech-savvy times. Some of the important tools of IMC are direct marketing, event sponsorship, sales promotions, Internet and public relations. Every business needs an idea to advertise and market its product.

There is required to be a perfect connection or link of communication between a customer and a company using advertising and marketing as an effective tool to convey a message to purchase products while signifying importance of products along with use and benefits through advertising and marketing. is one professional company which helps to connects customers and products through the medium of powerful communication. Finelight has a bunch of advertisers, marketers, writers, designers, innovators with professional approach in communication. The present buzz of IMC will continue as emphasis is laid on outgoing message in communication. Multinational companies by far have been very successful by implementing IMC as it covers the entire stratum of models of marketing.

viz., (1) customer database (2) strategies (3) tactics or techniques (4) evaluation of results (5) completion of loop begin # 1 again. Alternatively, 4P vs 4Cs (1) Not product care for consumer (2) Not price, care for cost (3) Not place care for convenience (4) Not promotion care for communication.

Discussion on theoretical framework

Information in technology times is immeasurably valuable and customer looks for information in every source and how to utilize and derive benefits in every sphere and stage of life. A heavy and reliable source of information is World Wide Web wherein bundles and scrolls of latest information is available for the benefit of customers. Whereas customer should be able to distinguish between a fake news and an acceptable facts of information. sells diamonds and pearls online at a reasonable price and ships all over the world. The company sends product news to its customers in order to take advantage of discount offers and also to entertain customers about its products. Such email news provided to the customers is of great benefit and customers do not like to shop elsewhere as the customer service is perfect with The emphasis here is about the importance of information and the respect that a customer receives from the company.

Whereas there is every possibility for information that gets outdated within no time and information processing is very important for companies in order to keep the customers updated about products. World Wide Web entails global competition, quick communication and a constant thrive to stay ahead holding a distinct views and facts not perceptions about marketing.

Fleetboss is a leading developer and distributor of GPS-based fleet management systems. The company has been committed to excellent customer relations and marketing so much that a director has been exclusively appointed for marketing communications which includes media, dealers apart from internal and external communications. Also directors develops advertising and sales promotions with vast professional experience.


Understanding about customer mindset is the key for effective communication whether it is through Internet, direct selling or magazines, newspapers or mobile marketing. Consumers discard the information that is not important or useful on a day basis. Therefore marketing message must be selected, processed and tested on the following basis:
Must be enabled of life experience that can be easily understood and receive the message and concept of communication. e.g. advertisements of deodorants (Axe), Garnier wrinkle lift and Cadbury chocolates.
Customer must be related to the idea that is categorized. .e.g. Crack cream that is useful for women for cracked heels or pain relief external applications for body pains. .
Customer must get linked immediately to the communication that is already created in mindset. e.g. Ddamas gold and jewellery advertisement leaves an impact on the customer to search for and buy online.

The presentation of message must be acceptable, justifiable and must convey appropriate message. Improper messages are bound to be ignored by the customer which is called as “judgment system” which means that consumers accept or discard information against what already has been judged to accept, adapt or reject the new material. Rejection of communication proves that sales promotion has been a failure. A marketer who presents non-integrated messages have to ready to accept risks as the conflicts are bound to arise in the consumer’s information processing. uses mobile communication to send or receive payments from the customers which is directly helpful to customer saving time and easy to get access.

No two customer’s taste or choice of purchase is similar with the fact if one customer purchases red roses on line, the other purchases cala lilly flowers. If one customer asks for AMEX card, the other applies for Mastercard. Especially online identification of customers requires extra care, expert knowledge of human psychology and marketing communication techniques such that the words used on web should be influencing and effective to drive a customer to purchase when visiting web sites for products. Ebay is a globally successful company which is recording sales turnover increasingly as buyers are sellers are enabled to purchase goods online through the medium of auction and brand new sale of goods. World wide web enables electronic payment system, safe delivery of goods and security and encryption of credit cards and debit cards.

Business directories, pop-up ads, banner advertisements on web sites, classified ads, search engines such as google, yahoo, overture, sify, rediffmail have been extensively useful in finding products of sale through which these companies have grown to a giant size in a span of less than a decade and still going strong with the growing customer base and innovative selling concepts still pending for testing. and Barnes&Nobles have a success story in sale of books where latest books are accessed by buyers and purchased. Access to libraries also is a source of cognitive and rationale thinking. Marketing of products can be communicated through several means via the medium of Internet which is a powerful means of communication as millions are logging to Internet all over the world making www most affordable for online purchases of goods and materials.

Literature review

World link Technologies is a broadband solution provider in the city of New York, serving medium and small sized business market providing high-speed data solutions. The company is based on a new business model (ASPs) focusing only on customer’s needs. In this world of ever changing of business and commerce, strategies of planning for marketing communication are always under recycling process for renewal of ideas in new millennium.

According to an estimate an average American is exposed to 3,000 marketing messages daily via the medium of television, radio, billboard ads, logos on clothes and Internet banners. (Johnson 2001) . Consumer distrust also has increased with the scandals of WorldCom, Arthur Anderson and Enron which were highly reputed until investors were informed about the unethical marketing practices. This has caused a great attention and a matter of severe concern for multinational companies to practice ethical marketing plans for greater attention of consumers.

Emotional selling messages such as ‘soft-sell-approach’ instead of ‘hard-sell’ have been accepted. P&G Web Marketing 2001 launched a ‘seeding approach’ for marketing teeth-whitening product. This approach considered by experts as a holy grail in twenty-first century marketing communication. ‘We live in interesting times’ – Maurice Levy and Dan O’Donoghue and these interesting times must be turned to the advantage and benefit of companies as well customers and must not mis-utilised with an acceptable fact that technology, psychology of marketing must sell concepts and products instead of creating scams and scandals.


Marketers who are taking the advantage of World Wide Web to market products must take social environments, changing business times and the psychology of a customer. Consumers always change interests, ideas and choice of purchases. These must be considered coupled with holistic approach in marketing communication. Internet has carved and shaped several successful multinationals through the medium of marketing communication and this will certainly witness a rapid progress apart from creating employment, selling and buying opportunities, commencement of SMEs whereas a particular unique business models and marketing communication strategies must be worked out in order to become success on world wide web.



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