It is anticipated that students will analyze the business case in the context of the 9 elements… 1 answer below »

In this assignment students will undertake a review of an existing Business Case document and
prepare a report on their analysis of the success/ failure risks of each element of the Business
It is anticipated that students will analyze the business case in the context of the 9 elements in
the Business Model Canvas Template. A SWOT analysis of each element will form the basis of
the analysis.
The report will be a professional style report, suitable for formal submission to the business
concerned and for their subsequent use in discussions with a variety of important
stakeholders as part of a process to modify their company Business Case.
It is anticipated that students will contact a local business (or a business with whom they
already have a relationship) and undertake the analysis on their documentation providing
significant value to the business concerned. Students are expected to use their own resources
to identify a suitable business.
In the event that a student fails to be able to identify a real business that will allow them
access to their business case documentation it will be acceptable to use a Sample Business
Case downloaded from the internet.
Each student will use a different Business Case (no sharing of documentation will be allowed).
The resulting report
• The report should be of a length of approximately 2,000 words ±10%.
• A copy of the original Business Case will be included as an Appendix to the report.
• The Executive Summary, Appendix and Reference List are not included in the word
• The report may follow the following structure:
o Table of Contents
o Executive Summary
o SWOT analysis for each element of the review
o Findings and Conclusions
o References
o Appendix (Including a copy of the subject Business Case)
• References will use either IEEE Standard or Harvard standard citation
• The font should be 12, with Calibri style, 1.5 spaced andjustified.
• Include Headings and Subheadings to easily follow up with your analysis.
• Remember, you have limited word count so use your words efficiently.

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