It is your first six months at your new job as an HR assistant at Groceries for You, a home delivery

It is your first six months at your new job as an HR assistant at Groceries for You, a home delivery grocery service. When you ask the HR director, Chang, about performance evaluations, he just rolls his eyes and tells you to schedule a meeting in his Outlook calendar to discuss them. In the meantime, you gather some data that might be helpful in your discussion with Chang.

Number of managers


Number of employees


The average span of control Delivery-38



Job types 11 customer service

1- Delivery manager

1-warehouse manager

1-marketing and technology manager

38-delivery drivers

24-warehouse workers

1-tech support

5-marketing and website design

When you meet, Chang is very forward with you about the current process. Right now, managers groan when they are told they need to complete evaluations. The evaluations are general—we use the same form for all jobs in the organization. It appears that promotion decisions are not based on the evaluations but instead tend to be based on subjective criteria, such as how well the manager likes the individual. We really need to get a handle on this system, but I haven’t had the time to do it. I am hoping you can make some recommendations for our system and present them to me and then to the managers during next month’s meeting. Can you do this?”

Detail each step you will take as you develop a new performance evaluation system.

Identify specifics such as source, type of rating system, and criteria plans for each job category. Discuss

the budget for each performance evaluation. Address how you will obtain management buy-in for the new


Develop PowerPoint slides for your presentation to management about your proposed process and forms.

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