It needs to be at least 300 words. 1. Analyze the use of Photoshop and other photo-enhancing tools t

It needs to be at least 300 words.

1. Analyze the
use of Photoshop and other photo-enhancing tools that advertisers use when
releasing campaigns. What ethical issues arise from the use of these

2.At what
point, if any, does the alteration of images become fraudulent or misleading?

3.Provide an
example of a use of photo enhancement in an advertisement and discuss ways in
which it meets or does not meet ethical standards.

Use this week’s Learning Materialsand/or additional cited research
to support your post. Use APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference list.

Weeks Learning Material article
Cowell and hisAmerican Idolcohorts sip from their Coke-sponsored
plastic cups. The soft-drink company spent $10 million on its Super Bowl
advertising in 2014 in a campaign that drove traffic to its social media.
Nearly every big-box retailer has a Coke cabinet at each checkout line. Coke
regularly advertises at world-stage events like soccer and the Olympics. Oh,
and Coke sponsors happiness.
is all of this about? Integrated marketing. Today’s marketing environment
relies heavily on being able to cut through the clutter and be in the
consciousness of the consumer. Utilizing as many channels of communication as
appropriate and in the most clever way possible allows more opportunity to
capture that new client and forge deeper relationships with your already
established customer base.
you cannot ignore: social media! We will touch on the topic here as a matter of
being a part of integrated marketing but will fully explore the subject in
coming sessions.
fun trends: product placement. This refers to things such as the Coke cups onAmerican
Starbucks cups onThe Voice, and Apple products onModern

in mind, though, that as a marketer you need to be suave; otherwise, product
placement can be awkward and misplaced.
marketing and entertainment is becoming more prevalent as companies look for
new and inventive ways to reach their customers. One other area that is taking
off is branded entertainment, which is different from product placement but has
the same goal of keeping customers engaged and excited about the brand.
attempting to reach customers, we cannot forget about traditional routes:
advertising, public relations, and sales promotions. These cover everything
from TV to print to outdoor and online marketing to personal selling. This
week’s Discussion 2 covers an ethics issue on print advertising and the use of
Photoshop. How much is too much glossiness, and when does an ad become

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