ITING ASSIGNMENT college credits. Possibitho century, priests and popes did marry. The Pope should allow priests to marry. Currently, in the United…

Could you help me find the answers? NO.10 and 11 which show on the picture

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ITING ASSIGNMENTcollege credits. Possibithocentury, priests and popes did marry.11. The Pope should allow priests to marry. Currently, in the United States, there10. Most high school graduates should pursue a college degree, as theCatholics are in favor of allowing priests to marry. In fact, before the eleventhjoin the priesthood if celibacy were not required. And a majority of Americanis 60. The church needs more priests, and surely more young men wouldis one priest for every 1,400 Catholics, and the average age of this one priestcome for those with a college degree is twice the income of those with nocent more than those with a high school education, and the average in-individuals with some college but no degree, on average, make 22 per-place and at home requires higher education. College also fosters socialamount and complexity of information we have to process in the work-skills that the collaborative workspace requires. Studies have shown that

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