Jazz music

Jazz music

Midterm Essay

Objective #1 Students will understand economic, political, and social legacies of imperialism and colonialism, with reference to linguistic or cultural diversity, for societies, groups, and individuals. Many of the purveyors of Jazz are African American. The curriculum utilizes significant periods in American history as it relates to the evolution of the African American experience. The example of imperialism and colonialism is directly reflected by the evolution of Jazz as a musical experience. The curriculum focuses on the social and cultural impact of Jazz as it relates to the African American experience and integration into a traditional Western tradition.

Objective #2 Students will be able to compare historical perspectives on the development of various cultures. Jazz historically transcends the social norm and is characterized by a wide variety of societies, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. The experience is reflected in Jazz as a social, political, and cultural commentary as well as a musical art form.

Resource can be used: https://youtu.be/ATJX7gZ4D6w

Format: 3 pages (minimum), double spaced Font: Times, 12-pt. 1inch margins.

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