Language Interactions Experience, discussion help

Plan to spend about 30 minutes to an hour in a preschool setting. A

good time to observe would be during circle time, independent learning

time, or during free choice time. If this is not an option, please view

the video, Five Basic Functions of Language, found in Chapter 7 of your text.

Describe the interactions and the language experiences that are taking

place in the social setting. Refer to Chapter 7 for various examples of

ways this can be seen in the classroom. Record your observations in a

professional manner, maintaining the confidentiality of the site and the

teachers’ and students’ real names. Use your observations to write an

analysis of the language experiences that were observed.

In your discussion post, be sure to include your actual observation

notes as well as a 150- to 250-word analysis that is supported by

reference(s) to the textbook.

For your analysis, discuss:

  1. What experiences support language acquisition?
  2. What experiences/interactions need refinement?

You will rely on the information you have gained thus far, as well as

your insights, to evaluate the above questions. Be sure to format all

in-text citations and reference(s) in APA style.

Guided Response: After reading several of your

classmates’ posts, respond to two of your peers. Formulate an opinion

of the effectiveness of their experiences based on your knowledge of

language acquisition. You can respond by substantiating the activity

based on research, or you can offer suggestions for how to further

expand the experience. Please remember to follow the rules of

Netiquette; respectfully agree, and agree to disagree.

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