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Letter of Intent

one page letter of intent to shadow a Physician Assistant at Northwell Hospital which should contain information concerning why you are interested in shadowing/observing a Physician Assistant and what you hope to achieve from this program.

I Alyssa Fernandez and I am a Senior at East Meadow High School and this is my Senior Project to volunteer/work for free in a position that I will be pursuing in college

Below is something I wrote was not to happy with I don't know if it will help

Even at a young age I knew I wanted to pursue a career in medicine; granted at the time I was only interested in Veterinary medicine. Since then my interest has shifted and expanded from Veterinary medicine to nursing and finally, to my current interest: Physician assistant. I have done extensive research and have been set on becoming a Physician Assistant for about 3 years now, but with college rapidly approaching I wanted to do something that will validate my decision. This previous summer I participated in the National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine at UCLA. This program helped me gain knowledge and insight about the path I needed to take on my way to becoming a Physician Assistant. While there I was able to attend classes led by previous graduates and lectures from current Physician’s in practice. I also had the incredible experience of visiting Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where I was given a tour of the hospital, taught how to properly intubate someone while practicing on a dummy, and allowed access to a lot of their advance equipment. This trip offered a confirmation of sorts for me. I was told that the road to getting to where I want to go would be tough and require a lot of hard work and by the time I returned home from my trip, I was determined to get there. Immediately after returning home, I started looking for ways to gain hands on experience as well as advice and knowledge. In my search, I came across the opportunity to shadow at your hospital. I jumped at this opportunity knowing that it would further me in my path. I hope to gain a more detailed knowledge of what entails in the daily routine of a Physician Assistant. I also hope that during this experience that I can learn more about the different areas PA’s can specialize in and that it will offer me possible ideas of what area I would be interested in pursuing. Overall, I hope this opportunity will provide me with additional information about the PA program.

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