major international media corporations, communications assignment help

write about major international media corporations and how they impact national cultures. For this online discussion, you will choose an international media corporation. Possibilities include Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, Bertelsmann, Vivendi, Sony, Microsoft, Google, Apple or any other globally operating media corporation mentioned in your textbook. Do not choose a media company without or only limited global reach.

Conduct your own research. Based on that research, describe how the corporation has expanded around the world and how it influences the lives and cultures across the globe. Also analyze controversies surrounding the corporation (for instance relevant lawsuits, anti-trust legislation, ethical issues). In the end, analyze the future of the corporation. How do you think it is going to influence our lives in the future? Is this corporation going to remain one of the dominant media companies of our time? Is it going to become more influential? Or do you see it declining?

You are expected to write 400 words at a minimum for your answer and at minimum cite three credible sources (online journal, newspaper, or magazine articles) that are not included in your assigned and recommended readings. List the sources in APA Style within the text and as a full citation below the text.

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