Management Theory and Practice


Management Theory and Practice


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We are pleased to announce that The University of Incarnate Word is partnering with Bloomberg Businessweek, to bring you award winning editorial coverage plus a wealth of resources to enhance your business studies and prepare for your career ahead.

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· Browse Readings; by Discipline/Topic, Sectors, Regions, and Competencies

· Your Strategy; Career strategies covering topics such as personal branding, professional networking, key interview skills and more!

· Career Assessment; a 15-minute assessment and custom report to help you identify your strengths, challenges, priorities, and motivators.

· Career Secrets; Audio access to New York Times best-seller, Secrets of the Young & Successful.

· Go Marketplace; Find opportunities around the world ranging from internships to full time positions.

After receiving the email confirmation regarding the start of your subscription, please Register for a student resource center account using your email address on file.

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Businessweek+ Apps Print subscribers can also get FREE digital access for Apple and Samsung devices through the Businessweek+ app.

With the user-friendly Bloomberg Businessweek+ app you get…

· Exclusive video showcasing the story behind each week’s groundbreaking coverage

· Audio from Tom Keene, Charlie Rose and Bloomberg Businessweek Radio hosts Ken Prewitt and Pimm Fox

· Live market info and the latest news on companies mentioned in articles

If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to share with the Bloomberg Businessweek Education team, please e-mail We are excited about the partnership with Bloomberg Businessweek and hope you take advantage of the resources at your disposal.

Best Regards, Dean or Director (Last Name)

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