Answer 3 of the following questions. Each essay should be no more than 1 page single-spaced. You may use your text and notes as well as the Chocolate in China article, the Hasbro video, and the Cottage Cheese is Jealous article. You may look at company websites/ads and newsites (no fake news!). There is no need to do in-depth research.

1. Discuss Hasbro’s distribution strategy (be sure to include its objective). How does Hasbro work with its intermediaries to create a value delivery network? The link to the video is .Scroll down until you find the Chapter 8 Hasbro video (it is the same video we saw in class).

2. Discuss the recent United Airlines incident (in which 4 passengers were “re-accommodated” with one dragged off a Chicago-Louisville flight) and corporate response in light of Public Relations issues and the role of Social Media. (You’ll need to look at at least one article to make sure you have the facts right).

3. Discuss market entry strategies as used by the companies in the Chocolate in China article. What marketing missteps did companies make?

4. You are the marketing manager for a new start-up line offlavored cottage cheese.Your healthy cottage cheese come in individual service size containers and in exotic flavors.You feel you have a great new product with as yet untapped sales potential. In order to get wider distribution for your new product, you need to get wholesalers and retailers to carry the product … and consumers to buy it. You have a modest marketing budget which you haven’t yet committed. Answer each of the following. Be specific.

a.Define your target market(s). What is your positioning?

b.What is your distribution objective?

c.Describe a PUSH strategy for marketing your product (include at least 3 tactics)

d.Describe a PULL strategy for marketing your product (include at least 3 tactics)

e.What would you recommend for the promotional mix?

5. Consider one of the following Olympic sponsors: Coca-Cola, Panasonic, P&G, McDonalds, or Omega. (You may look at the company website, ads, and annual report if you wish). How does the Olympic sponsorship fit into the company’s promotional mix? Do you think the sponsorship is a good use of promotional dollars for this company? Why or why not?

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