Marketing Communications Plan Type: Individual Report. Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 4, 5, 6,… 1 answer below »

Marketing Communications Plan

Type: Individual Report.
Learning Objectives Assessed:1, 4, 5, 6,
Due Date:
Week 10 Thursday
Weight: 30%
Task Description:

You are also required to submit a media plan for the campaign relating to your pitch. The Brand selected could be from Banking, Airline, Hospitality or FMCG companies. The media plan will be due in week 10, on Thursday during the class.

The media plan should include the following elements and should be NO LONGER THAN 2000 words in length, excluding appendices, references and executive summary. While in the ad pitch exercise presentation the emphasis was on the ad creative activity, the appeal(s) used (and their rationale) and the ad itself, the emphasis in the report should be on the media selection and the rationale for it in terms of the strategic marketing task and the exposure required within the target segment. The report should include details of:-

· Media objectives (target audience, frequency, reach, coverage, key message objectives)

· Justification for media selection (using relevant research and ad theory)

· Media schedule (justification for schedule proposed and inclusion of schedule for first year of launch)

· Media measurement (evaluation measures to be used to determine media success and contingency planning)

· An indication of likely costs

· Brand Equity

· Attach the sample of advertisement

Further details of the media plan will be provided in class.

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