Marketing Plan

Please use the attached homework template and previous essay to complete this assignment.

Detail :
  • Review the Marketing Plan Template. As you finalize your plan, you may go back and adjust previous sections to include new information and incorporate instructor feedback.You may also elaborate on any of the concepts with further conceptual frameworks and research evidence you have learning throughout the course.
  • Complete Sections VII, VIII, IX and the Executive Summary in approximately 1000 words
    • VII. A. Unique Selling Proposition and Rationale
    • VII. B. Product Benefits and Support
    • VII. C. Media Strategy and Rationale
    • VII. Sales Promotion and Public Relations Strategies and Rationale
    • VIII. Cost Centers and Rationale
    • IX. Results Evaluation Strategies
    • Executive Summary (page 3)
  • Include a minimum of three new sources

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