Methodology of Economic Crimes

(3c) An article in your textbook reading for this week (page 75) refers to identity theft as the “crime of the new millennium.” A lot of work on identity theft prevention has resulted in a range of techniques to avoid becoming a victim.

    • From the material you read in Chapter 3 of the text, as well as any quality material you review on the web, please list three techniques you would use to combat identity theft.
    • In addition, based on your reading and personal experiences, which method would be the most effective, and why?

Additional Information About Identity Theft:

The following are some very good links to information about combating identity theft for your use in this discussion.

You can also search for information on identity theft at the Bureau of Justice Statistics (Links to an external site.) website. The Bureau of Justice Assistance is an arm of the Department of Justice which has published a significant amount of useful consumer protection material.

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