MGT726 Managerial Project: Fleet is a Small Restaurant Located at Shop 2/16 The Terrace Brunswick…

MGT726 Managerial Project: Fleet is a Small Restaurant Located at Shop 2/16 The Terrace Brunswick Heads in Australia – Project Management Assessment Answers

Task 1: Project Proposal/Background

Title of your Project:

This proposal could be based on your Task 2 Proposal from BUS703 Managing Research (if so, you should reflect on the feedback from that task and then complete this template taking that feedback into account) OR you may identify a new management problem.

Brief Context/Scope (background re your company/industry/sector and factors leading up to the management problem)


Fleet is a small restaurant located at Shop 2/16 The Terrace Brunswick Heads in Australia. It provides a variety of food and vines for its customers. People can reserve their seat before their arrival. The restaurant aims to provide best customer service to its customers. The restaurant provides the good quality food products to the customers.

Factors leading up to the Management Problem/Decision:

One of the major problems faced in the restaurants by the management is that they do not get the right staff member to handle the workload of the customers. During the high demand, the work efficiency of the employees gets decreased. This is one of the major problems faced by the management team.

The specific problem or issue to be investigated (what are you seeking to find out, what do you not know, what management decisions will be made and why is it important – why does it matter?)

Management Problem/Decision to be made:

The restaurant does not have a quality staff that can provide good customer service to the customers.  The workers do not perform well when the customer at the restaurant increase. The availability of the workers is not up to the mark in the area. Therefore they have to give employment to the non-deserving candidate.

Why does it matter?

For the enhancement and betterment of the restaurant, it is very important to hire quality labour that can perform exceptionally well for providing the best customer service.  The high quality of food and extraordinary service can increase the number of daily visitors in the restaurant. It will help in the growth and performance of the restaurant.

Your proposed Research Question (RQ) – stated in question format (e.g. How and why? Should and how? etc.) and associated research objectives (RO) i.e. the specific information needed to answer the RQ – stated in objective format (e.g. To explore, to investigate, to identify, to develop etc.)

Research Question: Why restaurant is gaining a financial loss?

Research Objectives:

RO1: To provide training to the staff members so as to give better service to the customers.

RO2: To develop a strategy for rewarding employees who give extra time in the restaurant during peak hours

RO3: To help employees in increasing their efficiency.

RO4: To enhance the growth and performance of the restaurant.

What specific subject area of business management are you investigating (ie what is your parent discipline e.g. marketing, HRM, international business etc.) and what is your key theoretical framework (domains, theoretical models, theories)

Subject area (parent discipline) HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

Key theoretical frameworks: Theories of performance

HR performance helps to evaluate and increase the efficiency of the employees

List 3 specific academic journals you will search for background/literature

1 Bratton, J., & Gold, J. (2017). Human resource management: theory and practice. Palgrave.

2 Boxall, P., & Purcell, J. (2011). Strategy and human resource management. Macmillan International Higher Education.

3 Bailey, C., Mankin, D., Kelliher, C., & Garavan, T. (2018). Strategic human resource management. Oxford University Press.

List 3 company/industry/government sources you will investigate for secondary data.




Outline your method/approach to gathering and analysing data to address your research objectives. Prepare a table matching research objectives to methods (secondary and/or primary data collection required to address each objective). State how you will analyse the data collected

Prepare a time schedule for your activities for completing the project – use a Gannt chart to acknowledge that some activities will spread across certain weeks.

What additional feedback or guidance would you like to help you complete Task 2 and Task 3?

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