Module 2: Discussion Forum

Module 2: Discussion Forum

Research health organizations and hospitals in your local community or county. Present a table identifying the type of structure used (public, private nonprofit, private for-profit), primary objectives for care and specialization of services provided (mission statement and website), target population groups, and governance structures. Briefly define advantages and disadvantages for each as a potential healthcare administrator who has been recruited by the state to take over one of these facilities. Then identify which you would choose and why. Provide examples and support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced.

This is just a discussion below is an example of a classmates discussion I live in Denver, Colorado so please choose a hospital in Colorado I look forward to working with you:


Harbor Oaks Psych Hospital

Henry Ford Hospital

Anchor Bay Clinic

Type of Structure

Private, For-profit

Public, Non-profit

Private, For-profit

Primary Objectives

Harbor Oaks Hospital’s mission for care includes:

Respecting the dignity, comfort, and privacy of each patient.

Providing individualized care via an interdisciplinary team that values the consistency of treatment and unity of purpose.

Affording all patients and their families with a professional, caring, and safe environment

Providing clinical and safety standards in order to ensure the highest quality of patient care.

To improve people’s lives through excellence in the science and art of health care and healing.

Providing complete health care to the entire family through prevention.

Target Population

Adolescents up to elder adult dealing with addiction and/or mental issues.

Individuals of all ages in need of medical attention

Individuals of all ages for preventative measures and illness (family medicine)

Governance Structure



Professional Corporation


Equity financing

Limited Liability

Board Members

Limited Liability

Tax exempt



Physician ran

Equity Financing

Limited Liability


Income and property tax

Liable for damages/broken contract

Double tax

No equity financing

Double tax

Double Tax

Income and Property Tax

Liable for damages/broken contract

Smaller Facility

I would choose taking over Henry Ford Hospital because it is both non-profit and a corporation. I believe that this is most beneficial because it doesn’t deal with taxes and is able to acquire money from services performed, bonds, and donations from outsiders. For example, these bonds and donations are from those that want to help the community health facility, but also get a tax deduction meaning that people will be more apt to donate (Harris, 2014). As for the corporation part, it does not have the burden of complete liability. Also, Henry Ford System is a huge corporation that is widely used which lessens the unmanageable debt. By combining or having many facilities, unmanageable debt is not so bad as the facilities have more money and resources (Harris, 2014). I choose Henry Ford over the other two because less minorities and underserved population have the chances of being turned away. This organization seems to be the most beneficial for the community for this reason and because of the scale of this organization as well. If I had to choose a different option, then I would go with Harbor Oaks. Harbor Oaks is a small, psychological hospital that is ran by a bigger corporation called Acadia Healthcare Company (SEC, 2014). The reason I would choose this one over Anchor Bay Clinic is because it can raise its own money with shareholders that are involved with Acadia and all facilities under it. I believe that Anchor Bay Clinic has a harder time with funding and if liabilities do happen, then the clinic will take a bigger hit than these bigger operations even though it is a corporation as well.


Harris, D. M. (2014). Contemporary issues in healthcare law & ethics. Chicago, IL: Health Administration


SEC. (2014, December 31). United states securities and exchanges commission: form 10-K acadia

healthcare company. Retrieved April 18, 2017, from


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