Module One Journal Guidelines and Rubric

Module One Journal Guidelines and Rubric
In this journal, you will have the opportunity to begin researching a healthcare product or service that you will use for your final project.
This journal is your opportunity to conduct some preliminary research on a final project topic: an organization and a specific product or service that your
strategic marketing proposal will promote. For examples of healthcare products or services that you may use for your final project, review pages 73–93 of your
Use the Module One Journal Worksheet to complete a profile on the organization and to identify a marketing opportunity that you intend to pursue.
Specifically, identify the following information about the organization you selected:
 Name of the healthcare organization
 Type of organization (hospital, nursing home, health system, etc.)
 Mission/vision/values
 Scope of services
 Locations
 Geographic service areas
Using this information, provide answers to the following:
 Identify a specific product or service and describe the marketing opportunity associated.
 Explain why the problem or opportunity is of value or important to address. Consider the current status, concerns or issues, and why the opportunity
 How will your marketing initiative for the product or service align with, and support, the mission and vision of the organization?
This is a private conversation between you and the instructor. Use the journal as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the final project requirements and
begin preparing for your first milestone.
Journal activities in this course are private. Only the instructor can view and comment on your entries. Review this tutorial for information on creating a
Blackboard journal entry.

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