music assignment final review

Now that your analytical skills have grown, I would like you to apply those skills to an album of your choosing.  Think of this assignment as being similar to your concert reports, but instead you will review an album.  This album/cd/record can be classical, jazz, pop music, non-western, etc.  It’s your choice what you review!

Ideas for content:  First of all, research is not necessary for you to complete this assignment.  Instead, analyze the music through the use of active listening.  You can review the album as a whole, or select specific songs from the album to analyze.  While you can include as much as you want about lyrics, be sure to include some review of the music you are listening to.  

As this review will be of the music of your choice, you can feel free to describe in first person how the music affects you personally.

You do not need to use any references.

Please attach a word or pdf document that is double spaced, 12-point font, one to two pages in length.

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