My Reflection Paper

My Reflection Paper
I need reflection paper for my 3rd week of Capstone as a school nurse.. It should be 2 and half or 3 pages in APA format and reference page. Please include these information in the paper: “In my third week I felt I am part of the system and getting to know students that have some health issues. My preceptor provided me small desk and laptop, so I be able to document whatever I do for students independently, which was very nice ( under her name but I include my initial and last name). This week we had lots of nose bleeding cases. As I learned in my medsurg class, I help them by sitting upright, tilt their head forward and pinch soft part of their nose. just above their nostrils for few minutes. Nose bleeding can be frightening, but they aren’t usually sign of anything serious. Also, everyday I deal with few cases of lice hair which amazed me how common it is between students. Few students have chronic issue in their hair lice, because their mom don’t care the health advices of the nurses and it seems this problem won’t be solved. Something that really made me sad in my 3rd week of capstone was that I noticed a boy frequently comes to nursing office because he is so sleepy, can’t focus and fall sleep in his class room. Immediately comes to nursing office and I let him to take a rest in bed for 10 minutes, he deeply fall sleep. I asked the nurse about him and found out that he is homeless and with his younger sister and parents live in a shelter in fire station. Who can be focused in this situation? I was really heart broken when I knew about his story. All the time I am thinking about him and how or why the life is so unfair to him in a very young age. Also I noticed that type of issues that make students comes to nursing office is really different between elementary school and junior high students. The younger ones usually come to to nurse after gym due to falling or any time because of headache and stomachache. Junior high students more dealing with puberty and emotional issues, both need to be acknowledged by the nurse.”
Everyday is new experience and learning and i am so motivated to get higher education to expand my knowledje and be a better nurse and be able to help anybody needs me as a nurse,

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