Name: D. Etmund, MBA 642 Take Home Exam 1 2012 Summer MBA642 Take home exam 1 covers chapters…

D. Etmund, MBA 642 Take Home Exam 1

Summer MBA642 Take home exam 1 covers chapters 2,3,5,6, 7, and 8 Due July 10 at 11:59 Central Time and
is worth 40 pts..

Submit one
excel file containing your solution in step 2 of this assignment. Problem 4 must be completed using excel
formulas and the data analysis tool.

You do not
have to use cell referencing for the completion of the other problems, but you must show your work to earn credit.

cells or typing out your calculations will be acceptable. I would not wait until the last day to try
to complete this exam.

Save your
file using the first initial and last name and the assignment name, so

should always verify that your problem has been loaded correctly by either
going back to the assignment and clicking on Ok and you should

the file you uploaded and you can also go to view grades and click on the
exclamation to see the file you have loaded. Remember it is your

to take the time to verify that your file has uploaded correctly. If
there are problems, please contact me immediately.

are 4 problems in the exam, which are set up on separate worksheets within
this workbook. Please use this
workbook as your exam template.

This is a
take home exam and you should not discuss this exam with anyone. You should post generic questions to the
office discussion forum

or you can
e-mail me with specific questions and I can decide what to answer.

Please make
sure you review my academic honesty policy that is shown below and also set
out in the syllabus.


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