need help with writing ethical philosophy of life paper 4 pages

My ethical philosophy of Life. This paper is due on the last class day, May 4th at class time. It is a 4-5 page paper, typed and double-spaced.

Note, I must receive a hard copy of this paper on 5/4. I will not accept on line submissions, in order to alleviate problems with receiving this final paper, which seems to occur every semester.

This can be your general ethical philosophy of life, or your ethical philosophy of life before and after this course, or your ethical philosophy of life as it is relevant to some of the issues we discussed, or your ethical philosophy of life last year as compared to now, or, if something important has occurred in your life, your ethical philosophy of life after this “life changing” event. So, you have a number of different avenues you can take. The best papers I’ve received are students, “ethical philosophy of life.” I am always amazed at the lives of students that I’ve taught. Some students have had lives of hardship, struggle and pain and they’ve survived and continue to be survivors.

Be creative in this assignment. It is your reflections, not a research paper. Write your ethical philosophy of life however you wish. It’s up to you.

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