need two coments for this discutions

Disction# 1

What is disturbing is the order in which Charles Taylor’s power took place. He became legitimized after leading a violent rebellion. He terrorized the same people he became president over. There is a clear lack of standards set for the quality of presidential candidates and I hope that those polls were rigged just so that it would mean that the citizens were not that severely oblivious to their leader’s not so distant past. I believe this ability to gain government power after serious crimes and embezzlement shows the intense influence he had. He was a showman and he thrived off the dramatics. He drew attention to himself and, in effect, was a con man. 

Disction# 2

  1. How would you describe the record and impact of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf?

The record and impact of Ellen Johnson say it in her nickname “the Iron lady”. This is a tough determination that brought her far which is why she was the first women president of Liberia. Johnson has help the position as one of the most influence women leaders in the world. Johnson was shaped by her hard upbringing which motivated her to gain academic success. The impact Johnson has had on Liberia was important because when she got elected Liberia was in a tough time and needed some hope. Johnson brought hope to a nation that is feeling the scares of Charles Taylor poor leadership. She brought a democratic policy to ensure more freedom with gray right and also brought a stringer foreign policy presence. The impacts she had calmed down west Africa and she changed the nation giving a hope to Liberia.

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