Topic #1 : Should students wear school uniform? (yes! to make everybody equal)

Topic #2 : Can heterosexual men and women truly be friends with no hopes or expectations of anything more?(no, there will always be some kind of interest)

1500 words min,  which demonstrates classical argument form (introduction, arguments, opposing views, refutations, and conclusion) concerning a debatable topic.  Essays should have an appropriate introduction, development, and conclusion.  Essays may utilize research sources which must be documented in MLA format (in-text citations and

Works Cited page)

like this

I. Introduction: Hook –  Get reader’s attention   Thesis : State your position concerning your   argumentative topicII. Your Arguments (60% – 80% of your essay)    Facts, details, analyses, examples, evidence to support    your positionIII. Consider  Opposing Views* (Section III & IV: 8%-15% of      your essay)     Fairly represent other views on your topicIV.  Refutation (Arguing Against) Opposing ViewsV.   Conclusion ? Restate argumentative position and expand     or finalize topic

–> “Opposing Views” are reasons, held by those who don’t agree with you,  about WHY your argumentative position is not correct,or is not the best position on your topic.  An opposing view is not simply the opposite position. 

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