npr_412962835mp3 1 NPR Podcast â?? The Race To Feed A Crowded World (50 points) Listen to this podca


1 NPR Podcast – The Race To Feed A Crowded World (50 points)

Listen to this podcast and make note of the history of the Green Revolution and the prospects for future advancements in agricultural production

Program Description: “In his new book, ‘The End of Plenty,’ journalist Joel Bourne says humanity is facing a major problem: The world is running out of food There are promising developments to meet the threat, he says, but time is running outâ€

Issues for Your Write Up:

A Assess the qualifications of the author to address the issues he talks about Does he have the necessary experience to be writing about this topic? Be sure to explain your answer with specific references to how he describes his experiences

B What is the “Green Revolution?†What have been it’s accomplishments and why are its advancements insufficient to sustain continued growth in agricultural productivity? The father of the Green Revolution is ________ What are his connections to Texas?

C Summarize the major points, solutions, and challenges the author highlights in the book he is promoting Is he optimistic, or pessimistic? Explain your answers with sufficient details to convince me that you listened carefully to the podcast

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