number of words can be used. For example you could use the following word count breakdown… 1 answer below »

number of words can be used. For example you could use the following word count breakdown approximately • Abstract and Acknowledgement – out of word count • Acknowledgement out of word count • introduction – 800 words • Literature review – 2500 words • Methodology – 2500 words • Results, analysis and discussion – 3500words • Conclusion and recommendations – 700 words • Reference , Appendix, Grant chat – out of word count The same three chapters (with an expanded version to reach your word count along with the modifications) that you included for your proposal should be inspired as the first three chapters in your dissertation too. However, you will have to increase the depth of the discussions in order to increase the word count, probably in literature review and methodology chapters. However you have to think about plagiarisms while keep in place. As you must be already aware, your dissertation is developed based on the plan that you have outlined in your research proposal. Within it you need to cover the following sections and requirements; First page design: first page should be looks like wow, please implement wow factor. Nice and clear table of contain A. Abstract • Is the summary of the research paper • Is the abstract adequate? • What is the purpose of the research? • What are its benefits and implications? • What methodology was used? (sample size, data analysis methods and tools) • What are the results?

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