Nursing ASSIGNMENT Help on Interaction Analysis

Nursing ASSIGNMENT Help on Interaction Analysis
Here are some potential questions that should be used in the assignment. Please try using humanbecoming questions that seek depth, clarification and empathy tothe patient
How would you like to plan the day today?
(this question should be asked to see how the patient likes to see the day going by. By asking such question, shows that I do sympathize with the patient and I do care about his feelings and his well-being. Patient responds that he wants to be in a wheelchair and it is important for him to be in a wheelchair because his body is getting soar and most importantly to make his family happy by showing that his health is slowly improving and that he is transferred from ICU to a long-term care)
What does it mean to you to be in a wheelchair to greet your family?
(you should use this question in the assignment because the patient wanted to be in a wheelchair before his family arrived. Patient wanted to surprise his family by being in a wheelchair because they didn’t expect him to be in a wheelchair and for a drastic improvement to his health. You need to reword the question better, so it is professional and makes sense).
What do you think it means to your family seeing improvements of your health?
How do you see yourself preparing to overcome the change of the living quality?
Have you thought about the changes that would help you adjust better to your new life status?
How do you see yourself doing in the upcoming days/weeks?
What is most important thing to happen to you?
The purpose of this assignment is to assist the student in developing therapeutic communication skills with clients and developing comfort and competence with a Humanbecoming approach to the nurse-person relationship. Completing an interaction analysis facilitates the development of the reflective practice process as expected by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Guidelines for the Assignment:

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