nutrition knowledge and training habits, management homework help

Carefully read the assignment below. Answer the questions below using specific reasons which will defend the position that you are taking and your decision rationale. You must have a 3 paragraphs and a maximum of 4 paragraphs detailing your answer. Attach your response as a Word document and submit your assignment to me no later then 11:59pm Sunday Evening of the week assigned. Good Luck.

As early as 10 years ago, a common pregame meal consisted of steak and eggs. Coaches suggested and explained that the high protein content provided the fuel my muscles would need and we followed his lead. Today we know better! As you learned in chapter 14, protein is not a desirable fuel for muscles.
Sometimes, athletes were told by their coaches to lose weight through whatever means possible, mostly starvation and dangerous dehydration. It was what most coaches did then, but thankfully today we know better.

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