Objectives To find domestic suppliers of raw materials and production for a specific item of…

Objectives To find domestic suppliers of raw materials and production for a specific item of apparel, and evaluate their suitability for manufacturers or private label retailers, and classify by NAICS code To research and evaluatequalified sources of information in apparel sourcing. To reflect critically about found information and the process of finding Canadian suppliers.

Pleasechoose any one garment from the items listed below. (Use the Product Development assignment as your basis for choosing which item you’d like to research.)

  Item Description Pick any one       Fabric: Findings/Trims

Include labels, thread

Production process

Include cutting, sewing

Polo shirt


Single knit, pique jersey Buttons, rib collar Embroidery logo Jeans


Denim Zipper, buttons, rivets Washing, embroidery Sweatshirt Knit, Interlock jersey, fleece Drawstring, toggle, zipper Print, embroidery logo Shirt or blouse Woven, medium weight silk, cotton, blend Buttons, lace, beads, hanger loops Print, Embroidery Jacket, blazer

(not outerwear)

Woven, heavier weight Zipper, buttons, lining, shoulder pads Print, Embroidery Dress


Knit or Woven Zipper, buttons, lining Embroidery, printing Full Item Description:

a)      Men’s or women’sb) knit or wovenc) polo shirt/jeans/sweatshirt etc.


a)      fiber contentb) woven or knit


a)      List them and describe(buttons, zippers, threads, labels etc.)

Production processes (services) needed:

a)      List them (CMT, printing, dyeing, embroidery etc.)

Step 1: Fillclude a photo of the item in your submission, showing the back and front and findings.


Step 2: Research Canadian sources and develop a list of Canadiansuppliers of raw materials and production servicessuitable for this garment.Communicate with the suppliers as needed to complete a Vendor Matrix.Suppliers should be selling wholesale (B2B) not retail (able to offer volume buys and re-orders). Suppliers can be importers but must have a Canadian address.

Use Canadian textile and apparel associations- Toronto Fashion Incubator, Canadian Apparel Federation.

Use Government websites – Industry Canada for NAICS code

Expand your search further using general business directories such as Yellow Pages, or do a Google search for “Canada”plus“cut and sew manufacturers” “CMT clothing manufacturers” “custom clothing manufacturers” “textile printer”

Report using the Vendor Matrix. Evaluate and ratethe sources you have found.

  VENDOR MATRIX Fabric Vendor FindingsVendor Processing Vendor Company name, contact information

*Canadian only

Standards and Certifications if any

  Product/service range, price range, Minimum order quantity, lead time

Focus on what is relevant to your itemand leave blank what is not known

Note: Prices for processes may not be available as they are dependent on many variables. Payment terms, delivery method

By contract? Credit cards accepted? 

  Customer service

Hours, website, response, reviews

  Vendor appraisal, and initial rating from 1-5-add a comment

Use the vendor evaluation criteria as your guide- see Vendor Matrix slides Week 2

  Sources of information*

Apparel.ca, Fashionincubator.com, other

  NAICS code – Find the correct NAICS code

Manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, service


*The source of vendor information, will serve as References and must be included to get marks for this assignment. When using database information, be careful not to plagiarize.


Step 3:Conclusion: Reflect on the process and experience of finding Canadian suppliers. Was the information sufficient and up-to-date, easily accessible and understandable? Do you trust the source? Why or why not?  Were you able to choose between suppliers, or did find just one?

Discuss the viability of making this product in Canada, using the 5 Make or Buy criterion. (Ch. 4)

Submit on Blackboard in week 7

Page 1: Cover page – name, date, course code, assignment title, statement of academic integrity

Page 2: Step 1 – Photo and table

Page 3: Step 2 – Vendor matrix – Limit it to one page

Page 4: Conclusion: One paragraph 200 words limit 12pt. size double spaced

Useful links

http://www.apparel.ca/directories.htmlUser name: George Library Password: library


NAICS classification:https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/subjects/standard/naics/2017/index

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