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Homework #1

Decolonization and Transfer of Power, Problems at Independence, and Political

    Instability  (pages 169-183)


 Policy Changes After Independence  (pages 183-200)


  Write a summary/reaction of your selected topic above. (1.5 spacing, 800 word minimum)


Write a summary/reaction style paper reviewing What Went Wrong in Independent Africa? (pages 200-206).

(1.5 spacing, 800 word minimum)

Homework #3

View Basil Davidson’s Africa – Program 8: The Legacy (provided through Canvas) and compose a video reflection paper (450 word minimum).


Google search a few articles on the topics “Liberia: The Crimes of Charles Taylor” and “Liberia: The Leadership of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.” 

Answer the following questions. You should write at least one paragraph for each question:

1. How would you describe the record and impact of Charles Taylor?

2. How would you describe the record and impact of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf?

3. What makes the process of independence so difficult and problematic?

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