Option #1: Supporting Richard’s Sentence

(1987) Richard Mijares, 17, killed his mother, covered her with rocks and buried her in a secluded area. Then reported her missing. conviction for second degree murder. Released to community corrections in 2004
Option #1: Supporting Richard’s Sentence
In light of everything you’ve read, studied, researched, and watched regarding Richard’s case, you must synthesize that material as you support that “justice” was achieved. Draw upon your own concept of justice, as well as the legal concept of justice. You should also consider the victims in this case and the impact that Richard’s sentence had on his life.
Submit a 8-10 page essay (not including the title and reference pages) detailing your support for this position. Include a minimum of eight credible sources supporting this position. Format your essay according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
Remember, you must support your thinking, opinions, and prior knowledge with references; all facts must be supported. In-text references used throughout the paper must be included in an APA-formatted reference list.

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