Outsourcing /Trade Policies

First Question

Labor-intensive firms, mainly in the apparel and footwear industries, choose to outsource production to countries where labor is abundant (primarily Southeast Asia and the Caribbean). However, those firms do not integrate with their suppliers there. Firms that utilize a more capital-intensive industry, on the other hand, choose to integrate with their suppliers. Explain some possible differences between these two industries. What would explain these choices ?

Second Question

In order to protect consumers, the United States has taken action to restrict the imports of certain Chinese goods, such as toys that contain lead and seafood that does not meet certain health standards. Some say that this is a double standard. If the United States is willing to restrict goods on these grounds, shouldn’t there be restrictions on the import of goods produced with badly paid labor? Is this argument valid or invalid? Why? Explain a political argument for both sides of this argument.


Each question has to be at least a paragraph and answered without plagiarism. All information used to answer the questions must be cited in APA style.

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