Paper over Academic Integrity

Write about the following topics 

Page 1:            4.01.01 Academic Integrity, Cheating: Cheating is committing fraud on an exam, report, paper, or other course assignment or requirement. — Responsible

Page 2:            4.01.02 Academic Integrity, Plagiarism: Plagiarism is defined as presenting another’s work as one’s own without acknowledgment or citation. — Responsible

Page 3:            4.01.08 Academic Integrity, Violation of Course Rules: Syllabi and other instructions given by instructors are used to communicate course rules. – Responsible

Page 4:            4.01.03 Academic Integrity, Unauthorized Collaboration: Unless otherwise approved by the course instructor it is assumed that all work submitted is the product of the sole student. — Responsible

Page 5:            Role in academia

Page 6:            What I have learned

Write in APA format, sight references if any are used. 

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