Part of the nature of Business Communicatio, Informal report help

my topic: If I were to consider myself professionally successful and happy, I would be a ___Finance Manager____.

Length: 3-5 pages for rough draft

please follow the instruction and my topic!

Instruction: Part of the nature of Business Communication is an assumption that you are in this course not just because it is a requirement, but because of one or more of the following reasons: 1) you currently have a position and want to better your performance in your job; 2) you are preparing for a career in which correspondence in a business setting is necessary; or 3) you are needing to update/improve your resume. In any of these possibilities, and even if it is just a required course for you, one goal of our class will be to investigate and prepare for employment in your field.

Such a project is divided into the two reports you will be doing for this class: an Informal Report and a Formal Report. The Informal Report is discussed below. The Formal Report will assemble several basic, necessary features of the job search. In essence, the subject you choose for you Informal Report will still be with you for the Formal Report–and that subject should be a career or position that your eventual degree will make possible.

For the Informal Report, gather information about a position for which you might be interested in applying. Learn about the duties and/or the nature of the job. Discover if certification, licenses, or experience is required. Describe the working conditions in this field. Collect information regarding typical entry-level salaries and potential for advancement.

Also collect information about one or two companies where you might apply. Investigate each company’s history, products and services, size, earnings, reputation, and number of employees. Describe the functions of an employee working in the position you have investigated. To do this, you should interview at least one person working in such a position. Devote several sections of your report to the specific tasks, functions, duties, and opinions of this person. End your report with a summary of your findings.

If, instead, you plan to start your own business or to be independently employed, conduct research into this field. Interview two individuals who are employed in your proposed occupation. What do they think are the advantages and disadvantages to operating a business in this field?

This report will require some basic library research. To the left of this page are two links that may help you: Web Resources. This will give you access to job search sites, job information sites, and academic databases. If you are not sure how to use these resources, please let me know sooner than later. I will be happy to help you.

The aim of this report is to combine the type of research many job applicants do prior to writing cover letters and going for interviews with the practical experience of effectively arranging informative, well-developed material in a professional, concise, and strongly organized manner. We will be talking about your subjects and working together through the many steps of this project. Plan ahead, budget your time, and see me if you have any questions and/or concerns.

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