people management

people management

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Assignment 3: People Management Scorecard




Rationale for Score Recommendation
Your Name: Organization:
1. Mission, Vision, and Goals
Do you understand the mission, vision, and goals of your organization?
Does your area or division align to the mission, vision, and goals of the organization?
Does your organization “live to fulfill” its mission, vision, and goals?
2. Hiring Process
Is the hiring process uniform across the organization, or is the process customized for every hire?
How much help do you get from HR in the hiring process?
Is there a process for giving feedback on whether or not the new hire was a good fit for your team?
3. Team Motivation and Virtual Teams
Does your organization employ virtual employees?
Does your leadership style blend with your team and their projects?
Is performance between on-site teams and virtual teams similar?
4. Differentiation
Do you differentiate between employees?
If yes, how does the process work?
Do people understand where they stand?
5. Performance Reviews
Is feedback on performance effective at your organization?
Is the performance review process done at the appropriate intervals?
Is the review process tied to other talent areas (e.g. differentiation, succession planning, developmental opportunities)?
6. Coaching and Employee Development
Are employees actively coached?
Are conferences, classes, and training used as developmental opportunities, or are they used as rewards?
Are developmental plans a useful part of the process?
7. Letting People Go
What help do you get from HR in the termination process?
Are terminated employees treated with respect?
Are the employees who are not terminated given any attention or communication when a co-worker is “let go”?
8. Communication and Change Management
What triggers a reexamination of people management in your organization (e.g. new acquisitions, annual planning process)?
How do changes in workforce strategy get communicated to the workforce?
Can you have an informed discussion with your peers at your organization on workforce strategy?
Recommendations Summary (max length: 300 words)

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JWMI 520 – Assignment 3: People Management Scorecard (1176)

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