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Personal Statement

I believe that we are defined by the circumstances our lives put us through, the challenges we face, the struggles we go through and overcome. My life has been a series of such events which refined me and made me who I am today.

From a very young age of 9, I had to give up my childhood since my father died and I was forced to understand a vital aspect of life i.e. death, through hard, life changing means. Life at school became difficult for me since I was the only one without a father but that phase ended too and I started college in my own country Jordan.

My mother and brother moved to US when I was 18 but I couldn’t do so with them due to some political issues which led to rejection of my visa. However, I didn’t give up. I applied for a student visa the next time and paid a huge amount for it since it has always been my dream to be able to study at a reputable university in US, but got rejected again. I was still adamant and not willing to give up on my dreams, so I tried again and this time, I succeeded.

Even though I was able to then come to US and live with my family, things were still not the same, and my hardships still hadn’t ended. My mother and brother had a green card and were able to spend their lives normally like regular citizens, but I was still just an international student with very limited rights and still had to pay a huge amount for my school just so that I could stay in US with my family.

As evident from the experiences in my life, I don’t give up very easily and don’t settle unless I get what I aim for. It also shows my determination and ability to face challenges and be patient in face of any hardships that come my way. The struggles I had to face in my life only made me stronger, patient and more capable of going beyond the basics to achieve what I set my mind to.

My reason for coming to US wasn’t just my family, but my ambitions and dreams. I aim to pursue a degree in computer engineering and establish a career in US since the experience here will help me advance through my career in a better and efficient way. A country like US provides the maximum diversity that education can offer and it will also help me in boosting my confidence which will help me thrive successfully when I step into my professional life.

Gaining a professional qualification in US in my selected discipline will definitely give me an edge over others in every walk of life. Not only will I be able to attain a quality education but the diversity offered in US will help me in ameliorating my communication skills as well and will also give me more command over my strengths.

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