Is the plan of correction feasible

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Quality Improvement Project

Throughout this course, you have learned about the many areas of continuous quality improvement, the attributes that constitute a quality improvement team, and what questions their quality improvement program should address.

Part 1:

Write a 2–3-page evaluation of the quality improvement program that you have created. This should be the annual summary of the hypothetical data. Make sure your hypothetical data are credible.

Part 2:

Your assignment will be an evaluation of the QI program you have created using the criteria given below:

Are the indicators and their measurements appropriate to the high-risk area? Do the indicators capture the risk?

Are the fictional incidents realistic and plausible?

Is the filled chart consistent with the fictional incident?

Is the plan of correction feasible? Will it prevent the occurrence of the incident in future?

How do you know the plan worked? What measures will you use to identify effectiveness?

Submission Detail:

Compile your responses in a 5 page Microsoft Word document. Include an introduction and conclusion to this assignment.

Support your responses with a structured document free of spelling and grammatical errors, and appropriate references at the end of the document of sources you cited in the paper. Cite sources in accordance to APA guidelines.

The professor wants me to do the PDCA ( plan, do, check, act)

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