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Identify and describe the new target market for your chosen brand extension. (e.g., Fairfield by Marriott). Depending on your new brand strategy, your target might require simple brand/product modifications, major changes, or completely new product forms (e.g., Hum by Verizon).

I will choose the Whole Foods company and develop a “whole meal plan” for 4 different people. please write 2 pages.


1.whole food has food menu available on its website. No order ( compare to Stop & Shop and Amazon and Walmart, which have delivery and online order and pickup)

2. We will develop a “whole meal plan”. (What?How?)make some improvement and innovation on the current situation, not only do online order but also do delivery. The purpose is to save people’s time and eat healthy.

3. Our targeting market: 4 different groups of people. a. Children b.Elders c.those who always want to keep fit and exercise a lot workers

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