Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about how to understand figurative language in poetry. Take that knowledge to your everyday life.  In a post of 250 or so words, describe an example of one or two of the terms in your everyday life.  You might describe an example from a tv show or film (like the Hannibal example in my lecture), a song (song lyrics are poetry too), an advertisement, a political speech, or another context.  Feel free to give us a link or an image to help us understand your post.  You may post on one of the songs I assigned if you like.

As always, be sure to use correct MLA format to cite your sources (if you look at websites, etc) and to post early to avoid piggy backing.

One Response Post (5ts).

You know the drill. In about 100 words, reply to another student’s post in a way that advances the conversation in some way.

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