Polaris and Victory – Case 13 – External Environment This written assignment will help you practice Industry and Competitive Environmental Analysis

Polaris and Victory – Case 13 – External Environment

This written assignment will help you practice Industry and Competitive Environmental Analysis which is required later in the term for the Capstone Project.

Please read Chapter 2 and my lecture notes in order to fully understand the purpose and method of these two analysis. Also, watch the video on Porter’s 5 Forces.

The case for this assignment is Polaris and Victory Page C-161 as detailed in the assignment.

Written assignment:

1.     Do an Industrial Environment Analysis of the motorcycle/motorbike industry based on Porters 5 forces:

Porter’s “five forces of competition”

1. Intensity of rivalry – INFLUENCED BY:

2. Threat of new entrants or barriers to entry/exit

3. Bargaining power of suppliers

4. Bargaining power of buyers

5. Threat of Product Substitutes – switching costs

2.     What are the dominant economic & marketing features of the industry?

  •  growth rate, scale required, resource requirements
  • distribution channels and who has them
  • differentiated or commodity

3.     What are the drivers of change in the industry?

  • level of innovation required
  • level of technology required – speed of change
  • changes in cost and efficiency

4.     Competitive Environment Analysis

Who are Polaris’ direct competitors?

What are the key success factors needed to compete in this industry?

On what basis do customers choose in this industry?

Primary competitor’s goals and strategy

1. What is the depth and breadth of competitor’s product line?

2. What is their basic strategic approach – what will they try next?

3. Are there any emerging competitors?

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